Two-Tone Wedding Rings


If you remain in the market for two-tone engagement rings or more tone wedding bands, you’ve probably recently discovered that two-tone rings vary from either mass-produced low-cost designs to exquisitely handcrafted. There are a lot more aspects to a two-tone band than surface area appearance.

Buying a two-tone engagement ring is not as basic as buying a timeless wedding band.

Any purchase of Temple & Grace wedding rings involves not only two-tone ring designs however a metal choice. If you are thinking about 2 tone white and yellow gold engagement rings, should you use 14Kor 18K gold for each?

What are the very best valuable white metal alternatives and what metals can be fused?

We’ve been making 2 tone wedding rings given that 1995. This article is on two-tone engagement rings and wedding rings.

In this article, perhaps the most detailed info pm 2 tone wedding event bands you’ll find online in one location. We cover four general locations: Gender, Metal Choice, Fabrication, and maybe most notably, principles.

Nobody wishes to wear a 2 tone wedding band that damages the whole environment. Best of all, you’ll discover expert information that lots of jewellers would not tell you because it goes against their monetary interests.

Two-Tone Wedding Rings: Gender Issues

1. What Distinguishes A Women’s Two-Tone Wedding Ring From Men’s Two-Tone Wedding Rings?

Here’s the quick answer to this question: if a woman uses a two-tone wedding event ring or a 2 tone engagement ring then it is a two-tone females’ ring!

2. Width of Two Tone Wedding Bands for Her and Him

Males’ hands are, typically, larger than ladies’ hands. Therefore, guys, 2 tone wedding event bands are generally wider than ladies.

Most two-tone wedding event bands for ladies have a width of between 2mm and 5mm. This smaller size is not even of the usually smaller size of women’s hands compared to men’s. It likewise relates to the choice of lots of ladies to wear their 2 tone wedding event bands with their diamond two tone engagement rings, together known as two-tone bridal ring sets.

This 2 stone bridal set, including an engagement ring and matching wedding event band, was handmade in our studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This set includes two designs from our Flores Wedding and Engagement Ring Collection.

Two-Tone Wedding Bands: Style Considerations

1. Styles Of Two Tone Wedding Bands

The design of a two-tone wedding band is a highly individual choice, but it can be valuable to have a little historical viewpoint.

The first tape-recorded wedding rings were exchanged in Egypt, about 6000 years back. They were made from braided hemp. Ancient scrolls recently analyzed indicate that, during the nine plagues, couples cut off their bands and smoked them– simply to eliminate a little stress. (Just kidding!).

2. Classic Two-Tone Wedding Bands.

For some couples, the choice of two-tone wedding bands is basic: a variation of a traditional band. These bands stylistically lean toward the standard wedding band, without style on the surface of the ring. They are variations of a timeless design which more than likely your moms and dads, grandparents, and even your great grandparents used.

These 2 timeless 2 tone wedding rings are both easy designs, but various.

The Windsor Ring left, and King’s Ring, right, represent 2 distinct variations of traditional 2 tone combined metal wedding rings. Despite what classic two-tone wedding band design is chosen, it will be a minimalist yet classy representation of your loving commitment.

1. Designer Two-Tone Wedding Bands.

If they are open to two-tone wedding bands that have more special design elements, then the real wedding bands’ surface becomes a canvas upon which jewellers can develop captivating style themes. The larger the band, the more ⁹ style or pattern!

Maybe you and your partner are enchanted by the charm and marvel of the night sky. For you, our two-tone wedding band motivated by Van Gogh’s work of art “The Starry Night” may be a perfect choice.

A two-tone wedding event band can represent some important talismanic quality in a relationship, while at the same time reminding us of our cultural connections. The lines in the Narrow Two Tone Celtic Arches Wedding Ring represent two courses weaving together.

Two-Tone Wedding Band Style Recommendations

Your two-tone wedding band choice boils down to what is more vital to you in between the different aspects of width, style, and design. There are no set or absolute rules.

You can likewise blend and match style elements to accommodate a common motif. Our Flores Collection– which features lots of two-tone wedding event rings for her and him as well as two-tone gold engagement rings– can be modified essentially any way you prefer and is revealed on our website in a big range of styles.

And The Best Metal For A Two-Tone Wedding Ring is …

The finest precious metal choice for a 2 tone wedding ring can be a hard decision. You are not just selecting one precious metal, but two!

A two-stone diamond engagement ring with yellow gold and white gold, and a two-tone engagement ring with white and increased gold. Left, our Bordered Rope two-tone diamond ring with yellow gold and white gold. Our Wind and Waves two-tone wedding event ring with white and rose gold.

This Flow two-tone engagement ring with rose gold and yellow gold is available as a bridal set. Our Flow blended metal wedding ring style, one of our favourites, is a two-tone engagement ring with increased gold and yellow gold. This appeal is also available as an interlocking 2 tone bridal set.

Two-Tone Wedding Ring Metals 101.

You may have heard that 18K is preferred rather than 14K gold. However, is that truly real? When jewellery experts go over gold wedding event rings, they speak in regards to “karat.” 

The word “karat” is a variation of the word “carat,” which originated in ancient Greece, where carob seeds– which are rather constant in weight– were utilized as a unit of measurement.

Yellow gold is also more costly, however as long as you can afford it, the cost over a lifetime might be worth it to you.

For rose gold, you can go either 14Kor 18K. The 14K has more increased colour and will be more difficult and less costly. The 18K increased gold has a more yellow increased colour, which is also lovely but more subtle.

How White is Your White Metal in Your Two Tone Wedding Ring?

Let’s start initially with this issue of “whiteness.” The graph above was developed by Gretag Munsel from a colour spectrophotometer to resolve this concern.

As you can see, the whitest metals are naturally white metals. Platinum and palladium are equivalent. Silver is a little whiter than platinum. White gold, nevertheless, has a broader variety of whiteness, from white to more of a beige colour.

Plating is questionable, as displayed in this short article I published numerous years ago. We do not recommend this process since rings have to be re-plated every few years. Wedding rings ought to be sustaining and not need maintenance like a car or vacuum cleaner.

White Metal Comparison for Two Tone Wedding Rings.

These days, white metal rings are the most popular option and we offer more white gold than yellow gold wedding event rings. A lot of these are 2 tone white and yellow gold engagement rings, like these. The white metal doesn’t have to be gold.

Two-Tone Engagement Rings Fabrication

 Who Are The Makers of Your Two-Tone Engagement Ring?

Numerous jewellery experts will not even raise this subject of how a ring or piece of fashion jewellery is made, but we do feel that it is important to consider. American manufacturing implies American tasks. The maker’s movement is an important cultural phenomenon in America today.

Wedding event rings and engagement rings are intimate and personal belongings. For some, the only factor to consider is the price. Easy to understand … but considering that the wedding event ring is the one piece of precious jewellery that pairs use all the time, a little flexibility might be an excellent idea. Should not the wedding ring show the individuality of the relationship itself?

Essentially, the option boils down to mass-produced rings versus those that are studio made.

Any purchase of a two-tone wedding event ring involves not just 2 tone ring styles, however, a metal option. If you are thinking about 2 tone white and yellow gold engagement rings, should you use 14Kor 18K gold for each? And what about two-tone increased gold engagement rings?

It also has to do with the choice of numerous women to wear their two-tone wedding event bands with their diamond 2 stone engagement rings, together understood as two-tone bridal ring sets.

And The Best Metal For A Two-Tone Wedding Ring is …

The best precious finest value for an option two tone wedding ring can be a difficult decision.


8 Amazing Male Strip Clubs Hacks


Have you ever been to a male strip club? If your answer is yes, then you already know that it’s not as easy as it seems. It takes a lot of effort and money to be good enough for the audience.

Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced performer, following these 8 Amazing Male Strip Clubs Hacks will make your experience more enjoyable and easier!

man in white towel in grayscale photography

In this article, I’m going to tell you some great tips on how to master the art of stripping in less time possible. Also, since we are talking about male strip clubs here, let us not forget some of their rules:

  1. No touching  – You are not allowed to touch the girls at all, especially when they’re on stage. This is their space and you can’t invade it without them allowing you to do so.
  2. Cover up with a towel  – If for some reason, one of the dancers falls or jumps into your lap, cover his/her body usually with a fresh towel to avoid any suspicions from security guards.
  3. Be cool but don’t relax  – Male performers are usually way more excited than everyone else in the room so being nervous or scared doesn’t benefit anyone. However, don’t relax too much because that might get you kicked out of the club!

  4. No cameras  – This should be common sense to everyone, but I’m still going to include it in here just to make sure. As you’ve probably already guessed, taking photos or videos is strictly prohibited and if security guards catch anyone doing that, they will break the phone/camera and kick out the culprits from the club immediately!
  5. Don’t touch entertainers  – Unless a dancer tells you specifically that he/she wants to be touched during their performance, don’t do it even if they look like they want it.

    Dancers only permit touching when they’re off stage which usually happens after the whole show is over. Also, no matter how much dancers move around on stage trying to get your attention, never take pictures or videos of them!

  6. Have a good strategy before going to a club  – The best thing you can do to prepare yourself is research on the web about the best male strip clubs in your area and then choose one that’s just right for you based on their rules, location, cost, dancers’ age etc.

    Make sure to have some money with you so that if something unexpected happens (you get kicked out from the club for example), you will be able to get home safely without problems.

  7. Don’t lose hope even if things go wrong  – Most importantly though, don’t give up if something goes wrong while going at a strip club because it doesn’t ruin your night instantly. Only a true loser gives up after one failure, so instead try to learn from your mistakes and improve yourself.

  8. Have fun!  – And last but not least, make sure you enjoy the whole experience to the fullest! Male strip clubs are usually very entertaining and you will surely love them if you give them a chance. Just make sure not to take anything too seriously there because it’s all about having fun at the end of the day!

So remember these amazing Male Strip Clubs hack and make your male strip club experience way more fun than it usually is!

What Tax Accountants Do For Your Business


Are you wondering what it is that tax accountants do for your business? When the time comes to file taxes, many people feel nervous or confused about where they stand with their taxes. For this reason, hiring a tax accountant can make things much easier. The following provides an inside look at how your tax accountant can help you.

person using MacBook Pro

1) Prepare financial statements and reports

Tax accountants are responsible for preparing accurate financial statements and reports about the inner workings of your business. They ensure that all information is presented in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

This will provide you with valuable knowledge about how your company is doing financially. The financial data provided by your accountant can also be used as part of the application process if you are applying for a loan or line of credit.

2)       Identify legal requirements for filing taxes

You may be wondering, what do tax accountants do for your business? One thing that tax accountants are responsible for is identifying all the necessary documents and paperwork to file with the IRS each year. Tax accountants make sure that you are in compliance with all federal, state, and local rules regarding taxes.

If there aren’t any forms available for filing something specific required by the government, they will need to create their own form. This ensures that everything is presented accurately and precisely to avoid problems later on down the road.

3)      Prepare payroll returns


Tax accountants can also assist you if you have employees who receive wages or are paid an hourly rate. This is part of what tax accountants do for your business in terms of preparing all necessary payroll returns that need to be filed with the government.

It’s important that this process is done accurately each time in order to avoid fines and penalties down the road.

4)    Prepare tax returns

Many people wonder, what does a tax accountant do? They prepare individual or business tax returns when there are funds to be dispersed or when it’s time to pay taxes owed by the company.

The information presented in these documents will determine whether you owe money or if you’re due a refund from the IRS for filing your income taxes late or having too much withheld throughout the course of the year.

5)      Provide tax planning services

Tax accountants can also provide valuable insight into the future of your business. In terms of tax planning, they will assist you in assessing your cash flow and developing a plan to meet financial goals.

This is something that may be beneficial for you to consider as part of your yearly or quarterly budgeting process if it has not already been addressed.

In closing, there are many things that tax accountants do for your business from the time you file taxes until the returns have been submitted to various government bodies and agencies.

Having a professional on board who understands all aspects of accounting, finance, and taxes can help ease the stress associated with this important but tedious task.   For more information about what tax accountants do for your business, visit website today.