What To Do If Your Engagement Ring Isn’t What You Expected


Choosing to get hitched is far beyond how your other half brought up marriage, what the ring resembles, or whether you’ve marked the calendar yet. Yet, there’s no moving away from the way that in the good old days after a proposition, those are practically the lone themes whirling around. 

What to Do If You Don’t Like Your Engagement Ring 

1. Wait 

It could simply be that the underlying stun of it’s anything but being the thing you expected is causing you to feel negative about it – not that you don’t care for it. Give it a couple of days, keep wearing. Don’t notice your musings to your accomplice yet, yet rather ask them inquiries about the ring. 

Discover why they picked it – it’s anything but a gigantically nostalgic significance to it’s anything but a story behind it that will help you become hopelessly enamoured with it, and check whether your sentiments die down. 

2. Think About Your Options 

It is possible that you love the stone however you don’t care for the setting – you could consider having the first stone reset. Or then again if you need something else, what about having the first wedding band made into another piece of adornments, similar to a neckband? 

3. Adjust It 

Jeweler resizing a ring. Image courtesy of Bankrate.On the off chance that it is something like a family legacy, take a gander at how you can redo it to make it more ‘you. Think how Meghan Markle changed her wedding band to give it a gem-studded band. You could redo it, or utilize the current stones to make a different ring. 

4. Have A Conversation 

If you can’t move beyond how you feel about it and you feel like you need to say, ‘I disdain my wedding band’, ensure you outline it appropriately. 

Clarify that you would prefer not to offend them, and ensure you have a sensible rundown of what the issues are. ‘I need a greater precious stone’ isn’t the correct approach, however, if you clarify it’s anything but your style or that the shape and setting aren’t commonsense for your everyday life (for instance), then, at that point, it’ll be simpler to discuss it. 

4. Switch Hands 

You could propose wearing the ring on your right hand if you choose to purchase another wedding band. That way, you’re not dismissing their underlying decision of ring you’re making it a significant piece of your everyday gems. This is a decent choice if a significant family treasure can’t just be traded.

5. Capitalize On Your Wedding Ring 

To try not to have a precarious discussion, you could essentially pick an assertion wedding band that doesn’t take into account you to wear your wedding band as well. 

This is a simple method to abstain from saying ‘I don’t care for my wedding band’, however it’s anything but the right choice on the off chance that you had your heart set on wearing the two rings. 

6. Think Ahead 

On the off chance that you don’t care for your wedding band, and you would prefer not to chance to disturb your accomplice by saying as much, you could generally take a gander at the master plan. Maybe in five or ten years, you could overhaul your rings as a component of an achievement commemoration festivity. 

Whatever you choose to do, recollect that you’re wedding the individual, not the ring. Attempt to zero in on that on the off chance that it’s anything but a major issue – there’s consistently an answer.

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