How A Leak Defense System Helps Prevent Leaks


“A Leak Detection System for every room in your home or business.” That’s what Leak Defense Systems founder Skip Wells says. Well, it sounds as though he’s just talking about his product… but the fact is that the Leak Defense System isn’t really a leak detector at all. Yes, the Leak Defense System will catch any water leaks in your house, no matter how small they are… the system uses a high tech infrared camera to locate virtually any water leak, no matter how inconspicuous. With an advanced algorithm, the Leak Defense System can even determine if a leak is behind wallpaper or plaster, making it easy for you to fix the leak the soonest possible time.

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“The Leak Defense System actually alerts you with an infrared photo-detecting device, which is then triggered by movement, sound, or even the presence of water,” Skip Wells explained. “The system notifies you with an audible alarm, which then triggers a custom-built water flow switch. This switch shuts off the water usage until the next routine maintenance check, giving you more time to make necessary repairs to prevent future leaks from occurring.”

The Leak Defense System makes it very easy to do a regular maintenance check, while also providing you with a very cost-effective tool to help prevent leaks. By being able to monitor water flow and shut off the water usage when leaks are found, you will always be prepared. If a leak does occur, this innovative leak detection system has features that allow you to quickly repair and prevent further damage to your foundation or walls. For homes and businesses with more than one bathroom, there is a special ball valve found on both the inside and outside of the bathroom that only allows water to enter one side. If a leak does occur in either bathroom, this special ball valve will stop both sides of the leak without allowing any water to pass through.