A Review of David Strauss and Company


The Mechanics Christchurch is a popular brand of New Zealand clothing, and it is very popular in the country itself. The name’Mechanics comes from the location of the company’s head office, which is in the city of Auckland. The store began in Auckland and has since spread to Christchurch, Whangaparaoa and further afield, including London. With so much riding on the success of the store, it’s no wonder that sales have been tough – particularly at Christmas time, when people are looking for last minute gifts for the festive season. So if you’re looking to stock up on this year’s essential garb, head over to the Mechanics in Auckland.


One of the reasons why the store has had such a successful stint in New Zealand is its design. David Strauss and his team have put together a chic and sophisticated line of men’s clothing, with subtle touches of country and urban styles, all of which reflect their own individual sense of style. Whether it’s their preppy, down-to-earth designs or more contemporary urban ones, the range is all stylish and classy. For something a little different, you can also try the ‘High Wire’ range, which includes both t-shirts and jeans. For something completely different, the ‘Street Wear’ range offers leather jackets and coats, as well as leggings and hoodies. The ‘Work Wear’ range is both stylish and functional; the sweatshirts and cardigans are great for work wear, while the jeans have got everything you could possibly need for a day at the office.


As well as stock, the store also sells a wide range of after-market items, such as car accessories, such as wheels, mirrors, windscreen wipers and more. David Strauss and Co. have set up an online website, where you can browse through a selection of merchandise, and place your order. You can also go into the store and speak to a consultant to make sure you get exactly what you want. If you don’t see what you want, the website makes it easy to find exactly what you need by providing a search function so you can narrow down your results. Overall, mechanics David Strauss and Co are a fantastic shop to buy from, providing an excellent range of car accessories, and great customer service.

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