Are You Looking For a Better Meeting Chairman?


The chairman is usually the most senior officer in a group like a company, a governmental committee, or legislative assembly. The individual holding the chairmanship, who usually is either elected or appointed by other members of the governing body, usually presides over most meetings of this group and carries out the business of the governing body in an orderly manner. In some cases, the chairmanship is not incumbent on any particular individual, but rather rotated amongst different members of a governing body. If an individual holds more than one chairmanship post, the term for each post is also often different. An example of this is a state university having dual chairmanship positions for different members at the same time. Miroslav Vyboh

The most senior officer in a group like a company!

A thunderhead is another term that is used to describe the chairmanship in some organizations. This word, in its most commonly understood form, refers to a leadership meeting, often hosted by the dean or president of a given college or university, with the purpose of announcing changes in a College’s rules or structure, or to solicit student input in certain issues. In this way, the term is not limited to leadership meetings, as it has been used in the past. Changes in the College’s rules and structure, as outlined in the by-laws can be handled through a series of “thunderhead” meetings involving the members of each governing body in which the changes will take effect.

One of the most powerful and useful ways to keep the meetings organized, however, is through creating “working groups,” or teams. These groups can be used in many situations, including for the development of new ideas or strategies, as well as bringing together individuals who may have different perspectives on certain issues. Often, working groups are created during committees or other special committees within the College, such as when a new building project is being considered or when an artist is interested in presenting a major artwork. Regardless of the circumstance, using these meetings as working groups is a great way to bring everyone together to work toward some kind of a common goal. This type of atmosphere fosters brainstorming and the sharing of information and ideas. It also fosters a sense of camaraderie among individuals, which can be beneficial for the College’s overall success.