How Does One Use an Instant-Messaging App When Playing Online Games?


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Playing online games can be a great way to pass the time while away your days away. Gaming is one of the most popular activities on the internet with millions of people logging in and out of their computers and playing different games. The sheer variety of different games and their genres have made it even more popular. The internet however has also seen an upsurge of different websites that offer these gaming activities. Many of these gaming websites however cannot be called a success simply because they have a very terrible design and very basic customer service and support compared to other websites.


Most games on the internet are multiplayer games that involve two or more players. Gaming experts however claim that multiplayer games are the closest to real life gaming and are closely related with the mechanics of real life gambling. Gamers spend hours together playing games that involve trading, building up a character, earning money and competing with others over the internet. Many studies however have yet to explore which design elements are most closely associated with the amount of time players spent at particular online game websites or why people keep on playing certain personal information game like online poker, War craft and other MMORPGs that require personal information to be collected and used in the game.


It has been reported that a lot of men and women play online games for more than seven hours per day on average. A survey conducted on gaming by a group of gaming experts revealed that over half of all people who play games online spend at least ten hours in game play and only a small percentage of players spend less than five hours. It was found out that most of the people who play online games do not use their credit cards or cheats but rather use instant messaging apps or video-chat apps when communicating with other players. These video-chat apps allow people to chat about any aspect of the game or even exchange private information with other players.

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