HD Brows: Things You Need To Know


Consider HD Brows the full monty of brow treatments (a brow MOT, if you will). Rather than a single hair-removal strategy, this treatment does a bit of everything– from waxing, threading, tweezing, and tinting. How little or how much of these techniques the therapist uses is totally down to your specific brow profile and the look you’re trying to attain.

HD Brow in Melbourne have actually been around for a while now and are thought-about the king of all brow treatments. Such is the treatment’s capability to fluff up, heighten and reorganize even the flimsiest, most overplucked of eyebrows. I indicate, there’s a factor they’re called “high definition” brows.


More than Just ‘Eyebrow Tattoo’

Eyebrows are as private as fingerprints and our customized methods will change even the most unruly, sparse, or over-plucked brows into the ideal arches for the client. HD Brows can transform a face to such a degree that the result has actually been likened to a mini facelift!


What Takes place During an HD Brow Treatment?

The procedure can be divided into 5 stages. Up, there’s the assessment, where you can determine your picked brow look, along with the professional guidance of your therapist, someone who has seen a hell of a lot of eyebrows over the years. 

Next, your brows will be tinted, which will make them look instantly fuller. The therapist will blend up your bespoke color, just as you’d anticipate in a hairdresser. Then, your therapist will draw up the shape of your brow to deal with your face shape in addition to where your natural hair sits.


Are HD Eyebrows worth the pain?

The point about HD Brows is that they are styled to your face shape and functions. Your beauty therapist will spend some time on your very first see to ask what you want to attain with your eyebrow and how you desire it to look.

The beauty therapist will go with the tint that is closest to the color of your roots so they look as natural as possible. The tint is left on to work for about 10-15 minutes. Once the excess has actually been cleaned off it is the wax time. It isn’t there for long as the beauty consultant will use paper strips to take off the wax and of course in doing so, any unwanted hairs.

A thin, twisted cotton thread which has been developed for threading is utilized. The thread is rolled over any messy hairlines/unwanted hair and takes out the hair at the roots level. This is where the shape of the brow actually begins to form and clear lines can be seen.



It can be a good treatment for somebody with sparse eyebrows who wishes to try having fuller eyebrows, as your stylist will fill them out with makeup, and can put you on an eyebrow development program to assist you to achieve fuller eyebrows in the future.


Your stylist will discuss with you the kind of brow you like, and how sensible that is for you. You’ll pick a shape based on your face shape, complexion, and your style. Up, there’s the consultation, where you can determine your picked eyebrow look, along with the professional guidance of your therapist, someone who has seen a hell of a lot of brows over the years.


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