What Are The Different Cosmetic Tattoos Out There?



Permanent cosmetics is otherwise called micro-pigmentation, derma pigmentation, or in a more straightforward way, cosmetic tattoos. It is a method that utilizes small needles to store color into the basal layer of the skin, the most profound layer of the epidermis. For cosmetic tattoos to be effective, cosmetic tattoo artists require the best computerized permanent cosmetic machines that performs with less vibration, fine sterile needles, effective sedatives, an enormous assortment of colors, and clinical evaluation supplies like gloves, veils, wipes, q-tips, and so on. 

There are numerous new patterns continually coming up in permanent cosmetics, and generally, all cosmetic tattoo artists rush to overhaul their abilities as indicated by the new procedures and tattoo rules. 


Most specialists do not do permanent blushes. Some cosmetic tattoos are more untouchable than others, and blushing the cheeks is one of those. The blushed region may not blur equally, leaving you appearing as though you have unblended blush or more terribly, lopsided red spots. Skin health management items and medicines could make a lopsided fade or lead color breakdown. Since it’s difficult to abstain from applying any healthy skin items (not to mention the sun, which likewise causes blurring), most expert specialists won’t tattoo permanent blushes.


Freckle tattoos have exploded via web-based media and they’re presumably the most generally safe approach to get a face tattoo. In the event that you plan on getting freckle tattoos, we highly suggest that you do your research and discover somebody who spends a significant time in cosmetic microblading. There are various kinds of colors utilized for tattoos and you’ll need something semi-lasting—just on the off chance that you’re not happy with the outcomes.

freckle tattoo

Permanent Eyeshadow 

Some cosmetic tattoo artists offer permanent eyeshadow, where the eyelid is inked with a solitary color. It’s anything but a mainstream permanent cosmetics decision, and I haven’t seen any instances of permanent eyeshadow that looked modern or beneficial. 

While I could envision a light taupe in a powder effect applied over the wrinkle above the eyes to, perhaps, look pleasant, even talented cosmetic tattoo artists would struggle to get the mixed effect that a genuine cosmetic has. 

Permanent Lip Color 

Choosing to have permanent lip color implies tolerating that you need to go somewhat darker than you may want. The lip color really can take on a jarring red color in the ink well—however, it goes on more naturally and blurs because of eating and talking. On the off chance that I go excessively light on the lip color, you’re simply burning through your time and your cash.

You likewise need to choose the shape. Albeit numerous specialists don’t go past the normal outskirts, some cosmetic tattoo artists go somewhat past to make the lips look more full. 

In case you’re going with lip coloring, and furthermore, have a background marked by cold sores, your artist may encourage you to begin taking a few weeks before. Cosmetic tattoos can have glitz results, however, the cycle includes rubbing the skin, which can empower flare-ups. 

Skin Tone Discoloration 

One of the most astonishing headways in tattoo innovation is the effect microblading can have on individuals with skin tone staining. Regardless of whether somebody has stained skin due to pigmentation, vitiligo, or from a serious burn—, there are authorities who can really transform people through cosmetic tattoos. 


To dodge significant harm or injury during, and after, your cosmetic tattoos, do your research and look for a gifted cosmetic tattoo artist in your vicinity. The most ideal approach to guarantee top outcomes is to discover an artist that you trust and feel good with. You can also check out Rachael Bebe cosmetic tattoos if you’re looking to improve the way you look.