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You can also use a jig as a lure. This is a smaller and less effective lure and is normally used for smaller fish. It is easy to tie up and can be used for many different species of bass as well as for larger fish that can be challenging to fish for. Jigs are also very inexpensive Ander’s reviews. A combination of this type of lure and a crankbait can be used to attract a lot of bass for a very affordable price. A crankbait is a very powerful lure that uses a crank for motion, and a weighted bait as a lure. It is an ideal choice for bigger fish and is very effective for attracting bass to the hook.

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When you are fishing for bass, you should always try and look for something that is easier to cast than a lure, as this will help to keep your distance when casting. If you try to cast a lighter lure you will be able to get it in faster and closer to the fish, as opposed to a heavy lure which will lose its effectiveness very quickly.

There are many different types of light lures out there, but one of the most popular is the plastic worm. This type of lure is quite simple and easy to cast and can oftentimes be found at local sporting goods stores and bait and tackle stores.…